Where are you on the gratitude scale?

1. Check in with yourself: on scale from 1-10 how are you feeling in this moment?

2. Next, write 3 things you’re grateful for right now in this moment. (House, spouse, pet, etc)

3. Take a moment and get fully present to those three items and read it aloud, feel it in every cell of your body. Where do you feel it in your body?

4. Check in with yourself again, How do you feel now? Rate yourself from 1-10.

Are you beginning to see the power of gratitude?

In one of my recent mastermind groups, we spent 4 weeks exploring gratitude. Talk about peeling an onion, the further the conversation went the more miraculous the break thru’s became. Here you will find an easy to follow, simple process for shifting your mental state in any given moment.

First what is gratitude? By definition: a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Gratitude is a state or feeling of appreciation for anything. As we appreciate something in this way it expands.

Being grateful is a beautiful thing! But, being grateful for where we are now…now that can be more challenging. Quite often we desire something other than where we are. But if we can’t completely accept where we are now, we can’t complete the cycle and make room for what’s next – what we truly desire. Accepting it, allows us to learn from it – we can not gain insights while we are mad, anger or blaming. What we resist will persist. Start here: Everyday, when you go to sleep, say your “thank you’s”, thank you for everything throughout the day, even the struggles because there was a lesson there. An opportunity to learn something. Be grateful for everything from the stars to your bed, pillow, health, relatives, for each other…and you’ll create space for joy to flow into your life.

How do I get more of that?

You must begin to train the brain!

Step 1. Awareness.
Notice when your mind runs amuck. Just notice it.
We can’t change what we aren’t aware of. The first step is catch yourself, bring awareness to your thoughts. In any given moment you are either thinking thoughts that serve you or thoughts that don’t. If your thoughts serve you, they are moving you closer to your dreams and goals. If they don’t serve you….you guessed it – they will move you away from your dreams and goals. Once you catch yourself negatively profesizing the future, creating worse case scenario’s or in an ugly judgement …STOP, realize you were just engaged in something that doesn’t serve you! That’s right, realize your head was in the toilet and you’ve been flushing non-stop. So Stop Flushing! (sounds like a high school nightmare) Take a breath and realize YOU control the mind and all the thoughts in the mind. The dog wags the tail, not the other way around. (your the dog – not the tail)

Step 2: Choose again! A simple shift.
This is the fun part! Now that you caught yourself, step back and ask this question: “What do I want to experience next?” If you aren’t going to be upset,overwhelmed or a victim then what are you going to be? Try on being hopeful, content, uplifting, helpful, even joyful.

If the dog wags the tail – that means YOU choose your thoughts. You have the power to direct the mind, to focus it’s thoughts and to create what you experience next, your reality. Choose what would serve you right now. This is the real shift. Your power is always in the present moment of right now.

Step 3: Commitment!
Ok, here we go! Most people fall down and sell out on themselves in this phase, so this is where you must stay the course. Your chances for success double by asking the following question: “what is my commitment to myself?” Truly, what is it? Be honest, have you been selling out on your own dreams? Choose right now what your commitment is to yourself. You are so many things to so many people, but what are you for yourself? Are you committed to being sad, overwhelmed, angry? How about being content, at peace, engaged in work that fulfills you? What is it for you? It doesn’t matter how big or how small the THING is, it only matters that your committed.

Next stop, Gratitude:
Now that you’ve become aware, you’ve powerfully chosen again and you have a new commitment to yourself, try this for the next 5 days:

Each morning be grateful for a nights rest, in a warm bed under such opulent shelter. Be grateful for the fact that we live in a place where you can simply turn a knob and adjust the temperature in the room – do you know many people slept on the ground wishing they had even a blanket to keep out the cold? You live in opulence my friends – so take your grip off the idea that your life is a struggle, and embrace how good, on the most basic of levels, you really have it. Be grateful. From this place, let everything you can think of to be grateful for, flow into your thoughts, acknowledge all of it, sit with it, wash yourself in this magical feeling and then watch as the miracles unfold throughout your day.

Enjoy and be sure to come back and share what the experience is like for you!

Love and light,


Something fun to check out… http://www.gratitude-experiment.com/