Kidney Meridian – Will help you get Centered and Grounded again!

Your connection to earth is vital. It infuses your system with fresh energy that supports your inner healer in rejuvenating your body. The earth is electromagnetic, just as you are, and we rely on the earths constant energetic flow to support our systems. So, consciously connecting to the earth is a healing practice in and of itself.

Purpose: To feel grounded and centered within yourself!

When properly activated, connects us to Earth energies, drawing Earth energy up into our system. Helps our energy move in a forward direction and disperses energy to all other meridians, delivering vital energy to the eyes and brain.

Method: Massage, tap or rub the last point on the kidney meridian (K27) under the collar bone and massage the center point in the ball of the foot (K1) for 30 seconds each.

Bonus: On the right side of body, hold K27 and K1 and breath deeply in and out for 3 breaths, reverse sides.


Reduces fatigue
Increases energy and vitality
Increases focus, concentration and memory