Stressed? Need to bring it down a notch? Try this…it takes less than 1 minute and will literally pull the stress off of you!
Triple Warmer Smoothie

Triple Warmer Meridian is our “Fight or Flight” response system. It prepares the body for war! It handles all stress’s: physical, emotional, mental and environmental. It over sees your immune system as well. When you are exposed to prolonged periods of stress, exhaustion takes over the body. In this highly stressed state the body’s immunity begins to break down making you vulnerable to colds, flu, depression, autoimmune diseases and the list goes on and on. In this condition you find it difficult to relax, nearly impossible to be receptive to the supportive and loving energies of the Universe.

Purpose: Balancing Triple Warmer brings you into the present moment and focuses the mind and brings you into a comfortable state of ease.

Method: Bring your fingers to your temples and hold for one breath. On your next breath in move your fingers up and around your ears with a bit of pressure. On an exhale, move your fingers down your neck and let them hang on your shoulders. Breath here for a few moments. Press your fingers firmly into your shoulders and move them to the middle of your chest and cross your arms.


Reduces stress
Relaxes the nervous system
Brings you into the present moment